Centre of Oral Medicine

The Centre of Oral Medicine is the only specialised centre in Latvia for the diagnosis and treatment of various ulcers, bacterial, fungal and viral infections of the oral mucosa, as well as vesicular and bullous diseases, cancers and malignant tumours, allergic reactions, burning mouth syndrome, salivary gland disorders, manifestations of systemic diseases in the mucosa, and other diseases. Diagnosis also includes the detection of pathologies in the skin of the face and lips.

The diagnosis of oral pathologies involves the use of modern technologies indicating morphological and biochemical changes in tissue fluorescence (autofluorescence VELscope) and a saliva test for the early diagnosis of cancer.

The main services of the Centre of Oral Medicine are:
patient consultation and treatment
scientific research

The Centre employs highly qualified specialists (oral and maxillofacial surgeons and dentists) experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa.