Procedure for Handling Patient Complaints/Submissions

Information relating to an identified or identifiable patient shall be protected in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the protection of personal data; therefore, SIA “Rīgas Stradiņa universitātes Stomatoloģijas institūts” (Riga Stradiņš University Institute of Stomatology), hereinafter – the Institute, shall respond to patient submissions prepared in the official State language, in free form, or using the form*, signed with a secure electronic signature or hand-signed, and submitted:

  • in paper format (in person, by submitting it to the registrar – Room 108) working hours 08:00–16:00 (hand-signed);
  • electronically: or at the e-address (signed with a secure electronic signature);
  • by mail: SIA “Rīgas Stradiņa universitātes Stomatoloģijas institūts”, Dzirciema iela 20, Riga, LV-1007 (hand-signed);
  • orally: The Quality Manager writes down the complaint/report according to oral information provided by the patient. When making an oral complaint, the patient shall present an identification document (passport or ID card).

Content of the submission

  • name, surname, personal identity number of the patient;
  • description of the complaint – in free form or using the form specified herein above;
  • all information shall be legible, true, and as detailed as possible, and shall accurately describe the course of events and mention the key facts indicating the essence of the complaint/report;
  • date of execution of the document, and the signature with the transcript thereof (if the submission is hand-signed and does not contain a timestamp).

Submitter of the complaint:

Any natural person over the age of 18, or his or her authorised person or lawful representative, who considers that he or she has suffered harm during the provision of a healthcare service.

If the authorised representative or lawful representative (trustee) of the patient wishes to receive a reply to the complaint/submission, the submission shall contain:

  • name surname, e-mail address of the applicant;
  • a copy of the document confirming lawful representation (trusteeship);
  • a copy of the power of attorney of the patient certified by a notary, specifying the issuer, registration number and date of issue.

The complaint/submission will not be reviewed if:

  • the content is harmful to the dignity and/or honour of a person;
  • the review thereof is outside the competence of the Institute;
  • it is submitted anonymously, without the possibility of identifying the addressee;
  • it is not submitted in the official State language.

The complaint/submission will be handled and a reply will be prepared within the time limits set out in Section 5 of the Law on Submissions:

  • on a first-come, first-served basis, in relation to other submissions (complaints/submissions);
  • as soon as possible, but no longer than within one month;
  • in writing.

A reply shall be provided on its merits within a reasonable time period, taking into account the urgency of addressing the issue referred to in the submission, but no later than within one month after the receipt of the submission.

Sections 16 and 17 of the Law on the Rights of Patients provide for the right of the patient to compensation for any harm caused to his or her life or health.

The patient has the right to:

  • compensation for any harm (also moral harm) caused to his or her life or health by the medical practitioners working in the medical treatment institution through his or her acts or failure to act, or by the conditions during medical treatment;
  •  compensation for expenses related to medical treatment necessary to eliminate or reduce the harm.

For the patient to claim compensation from the Medical Treatment Risk Fund, he or she shall file the submission to the Health Inspectorate, Klijānu iela 7, LV-1012. The submission may be filed in person, by mail or filed electronically to the e-mail address, provided that it is signed with a secure electronic signature and not accompanied with the documents for which originals must be mandatorily submitted or presented.