Procedure for Requesting an Extract/True Copy/Copy of the Medical Documents

The patient has the right to become acquainted with his or her medical documents:

  • by visiting in person during the Institute’s working hours Mon-Fri 8:00–20:00, Sat 8:00–16:00 (presenting a personal identification document);
  • by preparing a written request.

The request shall be written on the provided form or hand-written.

Excerpts, true copies and copies shall be received by the patient within three days from the date of submission of the relevant request.

The request shall be submitted:

  • in paper format (in person, by submitting it to the registrar – Room 108) working hours 8:00–16:00 (hand-signed);
  • electronically: or at the e-address (signed with a secure electronic signature);
  • by mail: SIA “Rīgas Stradiņa universitātes Stomatoloģijas institūts”, Dzirciema iela 20, Riga, LV-1007 (hand-signed);

Content of the request:

  • name, surname, personal identity number of the patient;
  • description of the situation, necessity – in free form or using the form specified herein above;
  • all information must be legible, true and as detailed as possible;
  • date of execution of the document, and the signature with the transcript thereof (if the request is hand-signed and does not contain a timestamp).

If the authorised representative or lawful representative (trustee) of the patient wishes to receive a reply to the request, the request shall contain:

  • name surname, e-mail address of the applicant;
  • a copy of the document confirming lawful representation (trusteeship);
  • a copy of the power of attorney of the patient certified by a notary, specifying the issuer, registration number and date of issue.

The request will not be reviewed if:

  • the content is harmful to the dignity and/or honour of a person;
  • the review thereof is outside the competence of the Institute;
  • it is submitted anonymously, without the possibility of identifying the addressee;
  • it is not submitted in the official State language.