Prosthodontics Clinic

The Prosthodontics Clinic provides highly qualified services in restoring individual teeth, rows of teeth and bite proportions.

The Clinic can be used to replace missing teeth, improve aesthetics and correct functional problems.

Types of services
clinical part of prosthetics
dental hygiene
dental technical laboratory
dental digital laboratory

Price list

Specialist consultation
EUR 50
Analysis of the clinical situation
from EUR 110
Diagnostic templates (alginate impressions, model analysis)
from EUR 40
Crowns and bridgework:
Metal-ceramic crown
from EUR 475
Pure porcelain crown
from EUR 525
Zirconia crown
from EUR 575
Metal crown
Composite crown
Meta-composite crown
from EUR 265
Adhesive metal-ceramic bridge
from EUR 630
Porcelain plate
from EUR 570
Porcelain inlay/onlay
from EUR 425
Temporary crown
Root inlays:
Single-root inlay
from EUR 150
Multi-root inlay
from EUR 215
Implant restorations:*
Metal-ceramic crown on implant (without implant price)
from EUR 800*
Zirconia crown on implant (without implant price)
from EUR 1000*
Implant-supported removable plastic overdenture
from EUR 1800*
* The cost of the design depends on the implant system, the implant position and the materials used in the specific case.
Temporary crown on implant
Composite crown on implant
from EUR 320
Metal-composite crown on implant
from EUR 400
Removable dentures:
Standard arch denture
from EUR 760
Arch denture with attachment
from EUR 1150
Complete denture
Plastic partial denture
from EUR 620
Immediate dentures without holding stages
Additional items:
Denture repairs
from EUR 40
Night-time aligners
from EUR 155
Crown removal
EUR 19
Bridge removal
EUR 36
Dental digital laboratory