Sleep Laboratory

A sleep laboratory has been in operation at the Institute since 2001. It specialises in a wide range of sleep disordered breathing conditions, including snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea or sleep breathlessness.

Sleep disordered breathing:
obstructive sleep apnoea (pauses in breathing followed by resumption of breathing with snoring)
upper airway resistance syndrome, clinically manifested in the same way as obstructive sleep apnoea
Sleep disorders:
Daytime sleepiness (when sleep does not provide rest and the person is regularly taking a nap during the day)
Restless legs syndrome (spontaneous movements of the legs and muscle cramps in the legs prevent sleep; weakness in the legs during strong emotions; difficulty in standing or walking for long periods)

To apply for a visit, contact our reception, tel. No. :+371 67455586 (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic)

Consultation in the case of sleep disorders
EUR 50
Repeated consultation in the case of sleep disorders
EUR 25
Polysomnography/polygraphy with computer-assisted analysis
EUR 190
Outpatient sleep examination
EUR 135
Adaptation of the APAP therapy
EUR 85
CPAP therapy training
EUR 25